Mobile apps for Android


Currently Android by Google is the most popular OS for smartphones worldwide. Different sources quote different numbers for marketshare that vary between 54% and 67%. The total number of Android devices reaches 500 million, with one million new devices activated every day. Android is the first choice platform for the majority of the largest smartphone vendors – Samsung, Motorola, SonyEricsson, HTC, Huawei, ZTE and others.

“agmis” has built around forty different mobile solutions. Over 40% of them are native Android apps. Android apps are distributed using Google Play market (although direct or 3rd party distribution is also possible). Currently Google Play features over 600,000 apps and counting. It is forecasted that number of apps available on Google Play will soon surpass those in Apple App Store, making Google Play world’s largest appstore.

agmis’s deepest expertise lies in the field of LBS (Location-Based Services) apps, where information about geographical user location via GPS and aGPS is used to render search and services offers. We have built numerous applications based on Google Maps.

our vertical expertise of apps:

  • Yellow Pages,
  • lifestyle and preventive healthcare,
  • insurance.

by the type of applications:

  • loyalty systems,
  • self-service,
  • front-ends for CRM,
  • offline survey system integrated with LimeSurvey.

SurveyJazz – tablet-based survey platform (


Survey execution has never been easier and faster before. Paper and pen-based interviewing (PAPI) is now only a very special case used e.g. for large numbers of parallel self-completed surveys on the street. The advent of light, easy to carry, equipped with long battery life, 3G powered Android tablet PCs made the previous generation of laptop-based survey applications obsolete.

“Agmis” has developed a paperless tablet-based survey platform, suitable for TAPI (Tablet Assisted Personal Interview), TASI (Tablet Assisted Self Interviewing) and SAPI (Smartphone-Assisted Personal Interview) and internal audits.

And all this comes with all the benefits of laptop based surveys: digital data entry, additional features such as geotagging, ability to take pictures, record voice and even let respondent to fill-in the survey himself (or use the same hardware at self-service kiosks if needed).

Offline mode allows for surveys to be conducted in the environment where no internet/GSM connection is present (e.g. remote locations, ships, aircrafts, special buildings). When the interviewer connects to the internet (over 3G or WiFi), all data will be synchronized with the LimeSurvey running on production server. All new forms (questionnaires) can be prepared using web-based LimeSurvey system and distributed to the surveyor’s tablet via air. Survey results can be exported to the SPSS format.

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Yellow Pages Lithuania (Lietuvos įmonių katalogas)

 App – the winner of the „Naujasis knygnešys 2012“ contest!

The leader of Yellow pages apps in Lithuania. This yellow pages application was built simultaneously for iPhone, Android, and the web-based HTML5 portal

“Lietuvos įmonių katalogas” app is the most comprehensive database of all the enterprises in Lithuania in user’s pocket. It’s always up to date and lets the user locate businesses that are nearby by just single tap. The user can search companies by category, business name or a simple search on the map. Results are be ranked by name, distance, star rating, a quantity of information available. The application can also find the closest route how to get there by car or on foot.

The app is free to download from

PZU Lietuva emergency HELP app

PZU Lietuva is one of the largest non-life insurance companies in Lithuania, a subsidiary of Polish PZU SA group. The application is oriented to all PZU customers to assist them in case of emergency:

  • Emergency help application with questionnaire what to do in different situations (available offline)
  • Update of the guidance tree when online
  • Detection of customer location
  • Authorized garages: list with contacts and locations on the map
  • Emergency help. Initiated w/o voice call, all location and customer data is transmitted via webservice
  • Initiation (dialing) of the voice calls to report accidents

The app is free to download from:

Lietuvos bankomatai (ATMs in Lithuania)


One of the top-rated Android apps in Lithuania (nearly 10,000 installs)

Android app allows users to locate closest ATM of their bank in a few seconds and avoid hefty fees charged by other banks to service their cards.

  • Full up-to-date database of all bank ATMs in Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB, DnB NORD, Bendro tinkle (Danske Bank + Ukio bank + Citadele + Nordea + Siauliu bankas)
  • Exact ATM locations in shopping malls and shops with detail instructions where to find them
  • Features cash issuing shops and cash issuing post offices
  • Full text search (by city, address or description), ability to filter out ATMs by bank
  • Map view of ATMs with different icons for each bank, detailed information about each ATM: currencies issued, working hours, cash accepted, distance to get there
  • Grouping of ATMs on the map for easier clicking
  • Current map position update when on the move
  • Directions how to get to the selected ATM using Google Maps or other navigation app
  • ATM database updates
  • App comes in 2 languages: English and Lithuanian

The app is rated 5 stars in Android Market and has attracted 1000 downloads in one month after publishing.

The app is free to download from:



INOKaunas – Kaunas in Your Palm


Introducing a new unique gadget for Kaunas city residents and visitors. The gadget enables users to quickly find objects in Kaunas, their addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, Web sites, you can also individually rank the sites you visit.
By categories, find quickly and easily: neighborhoods, schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens, public offices, police, medical centers, health centers, sports clubs, pharmacies, banks, mail terminals, post offices, museums, art galleries, hotels, attractions, forts, rural houses, gas stations, car wash, stops, stations, supermarkets, shops, bars, clubs, theaters, cinemas, bowling and billiard centers, casinos and gambling houses, ice arenas, parks, gardens, and other objects.

Customers: MTP “Technopolis”, partners – Kaunas City municipality, UAB “Internet studio”, UAB “Simbiotecha”, Yellow Pages Lithuania (, Level Up.

The app is free to download from:


GoldenPages Ireland in your pocket – the most trusted and effective partner connecting buyers and sellers in Ireland.

Access the best local Irish Business information including maps, product and service information, reviews and deals. Unlock Augmented Reality (AR) in our enhanced with AR Print Directories nationwide using this exciting app.

What to expect?

  • The most accurate and reliable local address listings and mapping in Ireland
  • Access address, phone numbers, email addresses, opening hours information and much more for Ireland’s best product and service providers nationwide
  • Click to call functionality
  • Location Based Deals in the palm of your hand
  • Share your favorite listings and add them to your iPhone contacts
  • Share contact details with your friends through SMS (iOS4 only), email, Facebook, and Twitter

The app is free to download from:

ATMs in Barcelona

A similar app for the ATM searches within the city of Barcelona and surroundings. Available in Spanish and English.

The app is free to download from:



AOK Versorgungs app

Application for preventive personal healthcare. Depending on personage and gender, the app schedules individual check-ups, immunization, dental care, prenatal care etc. The application is oriented to people of Turkish origin, features a German-Turkish dictionary, and immunization information for traveling to Turkey. The application can be used by the whole family: multiple profiles for each family member can be created.

The app is free to download from:


Mobile app “Pilk pigiau” (“fuel up cheaper”) allows users to locate nearest gas stations on Google Map within a specified radius, to compare prices of different fuels, filter out gas stations by loyalty discounts available, and get a route to the selected gas station. Platforms Android and iPhone (application is under development). The application supports Statoil, Lukoil, Orlen, Vakoil and Ventus networks in Lithuania.

Tablet-based survey tool for market research

“Agmis” has developed a paperless tablet-based sociological survey application for the market research company. Android-based survey system can be easily deployed to the surveyor’s tablet. The tablet can function both online and offline, registering exact geographical location where survey took place. All new questionnaires can be prepared using web-based LimeSurvey system and distributed to the surveyor’s tablet via air.

Features of the tablet surveys:

  • end-customers of the surveys can track the progress of the project real-time
  • new questionnaires can be uploaded to the tablets via air
  • surveys can be conducted when there is no internet connection available
  • multiple types of questions (up to 14) are supported; questions can feature graphical information and videos (also available offline)
  • survey results can be exported to the SPSS format.

Main benefits for the research companies and their customers:

  • survey can be completed in much shorter time
  • customers of market research company get higher reliability of the results
  • research company has much better control of the surveyors and can
  • track their progress real time
  • as there are no paper-based questionnaires, there is no need to digitize them, this saves time and money
  • surveyors don’t need to carry laptop computers with them which is replaced by a tablet
  • survey can be easily adapted for the self-service kiosks in the public places (shopping malls, airports, etc.)

Remax Real Estate Agent’s Personal Assistant

This app was initially was developed for RE/MAX real estate agents. Android app is tightly integrated into agent’s phone. Synchronizes data with CRM system, retrieves agent’s customer database to be stored locally, synchronizes tasks and leads for the agent, reminds agent about calls and presentations to be made. Features Android Widget showing statistics of the calls and meetings pending for that day.

Tracks calls in real time, upon call receipt, recognizes the customer by number before answering, upon completion of the call allows to specify and enter call record details directly to the CRM.

This solution is currently being adapted for car dealerships. will be used as an alternative CRM for this tool.