Agmis – leading vendor of mobile solutions for enterprise in the Baltic States. We build and integrate systems that talk to mobile and we build mobile solutions that talk to enterprise systems. We can help you in:


  • making real time business information accessible for your employees on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets);
  • helping your employees to capture and collect information (data, pictures, coordinates, barcodes/QRcodes etc.) using their mobile devices;
  • you have tons of geographically distributed (or moving) vehicles, devices or whatever that needs to have data capture, processing and transfer capacities.

Our team has successfully created over 100 various mobile solutions for Android and iOS devices. Our solutions are used by healthcarelogictics companies, government agencies, insurance companies (PZU Lietuva), MNOs (Tele2, Omnitel/TeliaSonera, Bitė), Yellow Pages (FCR Media, GoldenPages), AOK-Bundesverband (Germany), RE/MAX real estate brokers and others.

„agmis“ project experience


We have completed over 150 projects in multiple verticals:

  • Mobile for enterprise (Android):
    • Device management solutions
    • Data and image capture in the field
    • Launcher management
    • Custom Android system images
    • Location Based Applications
    • CRM front-end
    • Survey systems
    • SymmetricDS for data replication on multiple mobile devices
    • Shells for application installation on mobile devices.
  • Mobile for consumer (Android and iOS)
    • Yellow Pages
    • Insurance
    • Telecommunications
    • Lifestyle
    • Shopping
  • Enterprise web solutions
    • Portals
    • Self-service systems
    • Mobile portals