SurveyJazz for Android – Tablet-based survey system for market research


Survey execution has never been easier and faster. Paper and pen based interviewing (PAPI) is now only a very special case used e.g. for large numbers of parallel self completed surveys on the street. Advent of light, easy to carry, equipped with long battery life, 3G powered Android tablet PCs made previous generation of laptop-based survey applications obsolete. Wide range Android tablets provides an array of hardware options from different manufacturers. Different size factors and low price caters for the very specific needs of any marketing research company. And all this comes with all the benefits of laptop based surveys: digital data entry, additional features such as geotagging, ability to take pictures, record voice and even let respondent to fill-in the survey himself (or use the same hardware at self-service kiosks if needed).

Welcome to the brave new world of TAPI (Tablet Assisted Personal Interview), TASI (Tablet Assisted Self Interviewing) and SAPI (Smartphone Assisted Personal Interview)!


Small size market European research company (20-25 interviewers) can save up to 30-40 thousand euros per year while using survey such as Survey Jazz. Medium size research company (50-100 interviewers) can save up to 100-150 thousand euros per annum!

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Main features (more detailed information on product website).

  • All survey information is stored in the tablet PC which also geotags (records geographical location where survey was actually taken) the survey along with timestamp and duration of the survey. Tablet PC is much lighter compared to traditional laptop and can be prepared for the survey in the mater of 10-20 seconds.
  • Offline mode allows for surveys to be conducted in the environment where no internet/GSM connection is present (e.g. remote locations, ships, aircrafts, special buildings). When the interviewer connects to the internet (over 3G or WiFi), all data will be synchronized with the LimeSurvey running on production server.
  • New questionnaires can be developed via the web interface and uploaded to the interviewer tablet via the air.
  • Your end customers have the tool to monitor the progress of the survey execution and see preliminary statistics even before the full execution is fully completed.
  • New tasks and orders (such as hints of which demographics is still missing for the full survey) can be paged directly to the interviewers tablet.
  • Questionnaire can feature questions with multimedia (pictures) that could be displayed even when there is no interenet connection.
  • Survey results can be exported to SPSS format.
  • Survey production server runs one of the most popular survey system – LimeSurvey.
  • Supports wide 28 question types (closed-ended, open-ended, choice, matrix, scaled, picture completion, etc.)
  • Wide range of statistical analysis methods is available.
  • Wide range of data visualization tools.

Why Tablet based questionnaire is better than paper-based questionnaire?

  • Tablet-based survey combines best of both worlds: computer aided personal interview (CAPI) and computer aided web interview (CAWI). Compared to paper based questionnaires, the rate of defective questionnaires is very low.
  • Allows conducting surveys in a shorter period of time (collection time is minimal). Allows for more control of survey exection and flexibility.
  • Doesn’t have typical CAWI shortcomings – can reach all demographies (including senior citizens), validity of answers can also be checked as interviewer is present.
  • Tablet-based surveys collect data in electronic format, so it is readily available right after synchronization with production server. Paper-based surveys require manual data entry which costs extra effort, is slower and error prone.
  • In general, tablet-based surveys minimize cost of every single survey:
    • Much lower cost than CAPI;
    • No costs associated with print and distribution of questionnaires;
    • No need to check whether questionnaires are filled correctly (“if” transitions);
    • No need for manual data entry from paper.
  • Higher data reliability when compared to paper-based questionnaires:
    • Exact location of the survey conduction is geotagged to the questionnaire;
    • End customers can monitor the progress of survey project conduction;
    • Additional timing constraints (minimal and maximal time for answering the question) ensures higher reliability of the data;
    • Number of interviewers is unlimited;
    • Number of questionnaires is also unlimited;
    • Different access levels: SuperAdmin, SuperVisor, Statistic, Executor, Client;
    • Filled in questionnaires cannot be lost or deleted;
    • Filled in questionnaires cannot be modified.


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