NaviJazz – professional navigation for business.


Different fleets have different needs: different mapping styles, preferences and regulations, custom applications and devices. NaviJazz enables smarter management of fleets in different industries and mobile field workers.

Navigation component NaviJazz is the profesional tool for multistop route management: possibility to display the whole transport route, multiple waypoints for cargo loading/unloading, mandatory breaks at parking or service stations. Accurate instructions ensure sticking to deadlines and other SLA parameters. Real-time data such as current location can be accessed and assessed by back office management. It is an effective tool of benchmarking for route planning (time and distance) and driver‘s performance.

NaviJazz also serves as the communication platform for convenient communication with your drivers. On-time and precise communication with your crew (driver), which helps to ensure the NaviJazz, is the key to your fleet management system WORKING.

Navigation component for Android devices is based on OpenStreet Maps (OSM). You will always drive with the latest and the most precise maps in the industry. An offline solution reduce your telecommunication expenses, decrease data traffic on route/waypoint updates and avoid hefty data roaming bills.

Easy and fast integration of NaviJazz SDK into truck‘s personal assistant application so you will be up running in days not month with no hardware or development investments. NaviJazz is the best navigation solutions for your business. Save money, meet the ultimate performance and have your fleet management working today. Let’s try out our fully featured DEMO.