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Agmis is a tool vendor for mobile enterprise. We supply tools that increase efficiency of your workforce and make you stand out of the competition. We offer tools for logistics and distribution companies, sales and marketing departments and utilities companies. Here’s what we have for you today.

  • Survey Jazz for Android – tool for marketing surveys and audits. It’s a suite of LimeSurvey and Android apps for tablet where you can start designing and performing your surveys in less than 5 minutes. Try it out today at
  • OsmJazz – OSM maps suite of tools for Android navigation for enterprise, route approximation and OSM maps optimization
  • Navijazz – professional navigation for Your business. Try it out today at
  • TrafficComb – control your company mobile phones usage
  • PUV SelfService – self-service system for apartment management companies
  • RegBee – tracks your calls on the phone and makes sure your call records are in sync with your CRM

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