Paperless Forms for Ambulance Paramedics

The challenge: Every second counts in a medical emergency. Previously paramedics had to fill out lengthy paper forms after attending every patient call. This increased time per patient. In addition, paper forms could include errors, as they are filled in stressful, emergency situations, while ambulance is moving or the paramedic is in a standing position.


The solution: Agmis created an Android application to fill in all documentation on an Android tablet. Form features patient registration, prescribed medications and procedures, capturing facts about patient’s state and physiological readings. Application speeds up the process of form filling via hints and controls against incorrect data entry. Predefined set of rules analyses the data and suggest medications or procedures (paramedics have to confirm these suggestions, or make their own choice) for the emergency care staff. All collected data immediately are send to server (also it is stored in device for 24 hour backup).


The result: Agmis solution help to:

  • simplify data entry,
  • reduce error rate,
  • reduce time per patient,
  • enabled paramedics to attend to more patients in need.


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