Salesforce solutions

Salesforce solutions

When good enough is not enough, supercharge your business with Salesforce! Agmis is the only certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states.

Superb customer service and client relations

 Call center management

Excellent client experience is on top of every business agenda. Customers demand excellence in the ever-changing always-connected business landscape. Empower your service agents to provide superb support and client relations with Salesforce solutions for call centers.

Customer Engagement Center

How do you bring together all the tools your agents need to engage customers like never before? From self-service portals to knowledge management, live chat software to mobile service, the Lightning Console delivers the tools your agents need in a unified, multi-monitor desktop, giving them a complete view of the customer and a single source of truth.

Case Management Best Practices

The key to growing your business and scaling customer success is embedding best practices into your customer service software. From next best actions, to knowledge base recommendations, to best responses by channel (handle a question from the self-service portal one way, but an issue from your live chat software a different way), Service Cloud lets you embed process, workflow, and even macros to lift performance across every agent, at any level.

Deliver Support Across Multiple Channels

Your customers demand support anytime and anywhere, whether via phone, self-service portal or community, live chat, or social and mobile channels. Don’t just rely on silo-ed live chat software, mobile support software, or a self-service portal. Service Cloud is the cloud-based customer service solution that brings together all of your support channels, so your agents can deliver service to your customers seamlessly, regardless of how they contact your service department.

Knowledge Centered Support

Knowledge centered support (KCS) has revolutionized customer service. More than knowledge management or knowledge base software, KCS deployed in Service Cloud puts a wealth of information at your agents’ fingertips whether on a desktop or mobile device — via Salesforce1. Keep agents engaged and equipped with quality, in-context articles that deliver the relevant answers they need to respond to customers faster. Our knowledge base solutions let employees create, collaborate on, share, and rate articles directly in the Lightning Console.

Track Entitlements and Service Contracts

Manage and enforce your customer support processes with entitlement management. Establish and track entitlements such as first response and resolution times, so when customers need support, your agents can verify whether they are eligible for support. With the Milestones feature in the Lightning Console, agents can track service contracts such as warranties, subscriptions, or service level agreements to ensure that the agreed upon response or resolution times are met.

Omni-channel Support

Customers are increasingly connecting with businesses via digital channels such as websites, mobile apps, text/SMS, social media, or live video. However, most companies are still delivering “fractured” customer experiences when customers move between channels. With Service Cloud’s omni-channel feature you can maintain a conversation with your customer across any channel, so that no matter what you’re delivering in-context service. Omni-channel service also allows you to route the right work to the right agent every time, based on agent availability, skills, or any other criteria important to your organization.

Manage Process with Workflow and Approvals

With Service Cloud, you have a powerful set of tools to help you manage your customer service processes. Everything from call scripting, to returns, to case resolution processes, can be defined and implemented directly in Service Cloud. Now you can ensure consistency and speed across every channel, from the call center to the Web. Guide best practices, reduce training times, and drive up customer satisfaction.

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Do more good with Salesforce for nonprofits

Solutions for NGOs and nonprofits

Great missions deserve great technology! Salesforce solutions for nonprofits empowers your organization with the world’s best CRM, improves relationship management, provides efficient fundraising and donation management. Join the community of 30.000 connected nonprofits who are making the world a better place!

With Salesforce for nonprofits package, organizations achieved 24% improvement on donor retention, increased constituent engagement by 36% and improved their ability to achieve their mission by 89%.


Program Management

Each nonprofit’s mission and program is unique, but with Salesforce’s highly configurable and customizable platform, you can manage your entire program from one central location. Maintain comprehensive contact and demographic information about constituents and volunteers, categorize and manage cases, organize and schedule resources, log and categorize assets, support and enforce workflows, automate assignment of tasks, and track detailed activity histories all in one easily configurable system.


Manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment including individual donations and grants. Standardize your donation processes, easily analyze your pipeline and automate routine tasks. Get a complete picture of your donors, volunteers, clients and other constituents in one place — including activity history, giving history, programs and events attended, and any custom information. Manage recurring donations.

The solution is fully integrated with SEPA standards and supports recurring donations from all major financial institutions in the EU.

Marketing and engagement

Connect with your constituents on every channel in a more personalized way. Harness the capabilities of email, social media, mobile marketing and lifecycle automation from a single Salesforce toolkit.

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