Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Beat the deadlines, add competencies and reduce cost by hiring our dedicated team for your software development project


Dedicated Developer Teams for your Software Projects

Do you have an upcoming deadline? Need to expand your in-house development team capabilities? Or quickly add extra competencies for your software project?

At Agmis we provide dedicated developer and dedicated team outsourcing services. 

Great software comes from great developers. Hiring the right people, keeping them motivated, perfecting development processes and employing latest development tools – that’s what we are the best at!

We strive to make our company a great workplace. This results in low employee churn rate, close well-bonded teams and motivated fun-loving people doing great work on a daily basis.

We understand that in-house developers burn-out, can get overworked or stuck in a rut working on the same project over and over again. We also know the challenges in IT recruiting, time spent and money wasted.

Our portfolio encompasses the widest scope of programming languages and platforms. From product development, to product support – we can integrate our teams for any development stage to best fit your business goals.

  • Dedicated JAVA Developers
  • Dedicated J2EE Developers
  • Dedicated JavaScript Developers
  • Dedicated Angular Developers
  • Dedicated React Developers
  • Dedicated Vue JS Developers
  • Dedicated PHP Developers
  • Dedicated Laravel Developers
  • Dedicated APEX Developers
  • Dedicated Lightning Developers


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