Computer Vision services

Computer Vision services

Agmis provides custom Computer Vision development solutions. By harnessing video monitoring and AI technologies, we can analyze, track, measure and provide actionable insights for your business goals.

Computer Vision technology can serve diverse purposes and can be adapted to wide selection of applications.

Workout smarter, not harder

VPixel Fitness is a motion tracking framework solution for gyms. The solution monitors gym members as they exercise. By harnessing AI and digital imaging technologies, VPixel allows to measure workout efficiency, reduce risk of injuries, aid gym trainers, increase gym member satisfaction and reduce member churn rate.

VPixel Fitness helps gyms and gym members to:

  • Avoid injuries
  • Monitor workout efficiency
  • Reduce client churn

VPixel is a highly flexible software framework which can be customized to suit particular gym business needs. From pure exercise movement tracking or trainer alerts to data-driven customer intelligence analytics and workout gamification – the client may chose only selected modules or full VPixel suite.

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Insights for industrial applications

EasyFlow provides custom Computer Vision services for manufacturing, construction and other business applications.


  • PPE compliance. Ensuring employees are wearing required protection equipment.
  • Material tracking. Tracking quantity of materials stored on the building site.
  • Workplace monitoring. Monitoring activity levels and performance of worker teams.
  • Security oversight. Monitoring unauthorized access to the construction site.


  • Quality inspection. Detecting and classifying defects in objects on a manufacturing line.
  • Productivity analytics. Measuring and optimizing full workflow of manufacturing process.
  • Cycle time tracking. Measuring time of manual cycles to improve productivity.
  • Activity recognition. Identifying actions performed by workers ensuring safety compliance and optimal performance.


At EasyFlow we refrain from ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. We develop highly customized solutions to fit particular project goals. From fully customizable Computer Vision application, to easily integratable insights and reporting tools, we develop a unique end-to-end software solution to perfectly fit the client needs.

Already have a Computer Vision solution in place? Want to add additional functionality or improve support? Want to develop the solution in-house? In addition to custom software development, EasyFlow offers an option to source dedicated highly skilled IT teams to work solely on your project.


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