Mobile Apps for Android

Mobile Apps for Android

Currently Android by Google is the most popular OS for smartphones worldwide. Different sources quote different numbers for market share that vary between 54% and 67%. The total number of Android devices reaches 500 million, with one million new devices activated every day. Android is the first choice platform for the majority of the largest smartphone vendors – Samsung, Motorola, SonyEricsson, HTC, Huawei, ZTE and others.

“agmis” has built around forty different mobile solutions. Over 40% of them are native Android apps. Android apps are distributed using Google Play market (although direct or 3rd party distribution is also possible). Currently, Google Play features over 600,000 apps and counting. It is forecasted that a number of apps available on Google Play will soon surpass those in Apple App Store, making Google Play world’s largest app store.

AGMIS deepest expertise lies in the field of LBS (Location-Based Services) apps, where information about geographical user location via GPS and aGPS is used to render search and services offers. We have built numerous applications based on Google Maps.

our vertical expertise of apps:

  • Yellow Pages,
  • lifestyle and preventive health care,
  • insurance.

by the type of applications:

  • loyalty systems,
  • self-service,
  • front-ends for CRM,
  • offline survey system integrated with LimeSurvey.
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