Medical Staff e-Learning Suite

Our customer had an old fashioned Moodle-based training suite that was running on Moodle LMS. As Moodle lacked many enterprise functions, the customer wanted to migrate all functionality to the new platform. Totara LMS was chosen as a successor to Moodle, and additional features were developed around in a subsystem codenamed extLMS to support daily operations of the training center (student enrollment to the trainings online, perform identity verification on attendance, maintain attendance schedule, send notifications, training space allocation, taking exams, and so on).


Besides traditional e-learning our customer also wanted to integrate an innovative concept of “hybrid labs” where medical students train on and get assessments without an instructor being physically present at the lab. All student actions are videocaptured, and student’s performance can be reviewed remotely at an arbitrary time. This hybrid lab feature was also made an integral part of e-learning suite. Custom training scenarios can be customized, and adherence to these scenarios can be controlled with the aid of tablets present in the hybrid lab.


Totara LMS enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect employees’ roles, training needs, and objectives. The platform provides a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.


Agmis has also integrated LMS with an ERP system (Navision), which helps to invoice the customers, track instructor hours and calculate compensations accordingly.


Technologies used: Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Behat, PHPUnit, TotaraLMS, Vue JS, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Docker, NodeJS


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