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About Us

Agmis – leading vendor of mobile solutions for enterprise in the Baltic States. We build and integrate systems that talk to mobile and we build mobile solutions that talk to enterprise systems. We can help you in:

  • making real time business information accessible for your employees on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets);
  • helping your employees to capture and collect information (data, pictures, coordinates, barcodes/QRcodes etc.) using their mobile devices;
  • you have tons of geographically distributed (or moving) vehicles, devices or whatever that needs to have data capture, processing and transfer capacities.
  • Android applications

    Agmis has built around forty different mobile solutions. Over 40% of them are native Android apps.

  • Salesforce projects

    Agmis helps customers by customizing and tailoring SalesForce for specialized business processes across various industries.

  • Custom software development

    • eLearning Suite based on Totara LMS
    • Eclipse based graphical modeling extension for SAP Business ByDesign
    • Project Portfolio Management tool customizations (CA Clarity)
    • Development of touch-screen based Canon scanner controller (Windows CE, MFC)
    • Information collection adapters for real estate portal
    • Traffic control systems
  • iOS applications

    Agmis has built around forty different mobile solutions. Over 40% of them are native iOS applications.

How can we help YOU?

if you are looking for excellence and reliability, agmis is your answer. we will help you help your customers so they can:

  • attract new business,
  • increase revenue by offering new services,
  • increase revenue by assuring that all services that were provided are billed,
  • reduce the costs of customer service,
  • save the time of their customers by giving easier access to information

…and competitors?

We believe that in our business head to head competition is not that relevant. everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so partnership is always better. currently we are working with more than 40 different IT companies:

  • providing specific technological skills for their projects,
  • providing temporary manpower: sometimes it’s about unique skills, sometimes it’s just the manpower that is missing right here right now

What others say about us

Antanas Drazdauskas

“In my opinion Agmis is a competetive company in the market. In our case they were able to take over the support of the existing system and were able to manage the modules of the system while integrating the new ones. Agmis’ employees are skilled in their field of expertise, and as a team they are able to develop working solution – working source code in our case.”

Antanas DrazdauskasIT manager"Alfa media"
Timo Krauss, CEO, GEBIT Solutions GmbH, Germany

„We were very happy that we didn’t have to write multiple page specifications and that Agmis was able to catch the idea from a few sentences. Mindaugas (Agmis employee) was very dedicated and brought very good ideas. We were delighted to be able to tell what we want to do, while Agmis was able to figure out how to do it“.

Timo Krauss, CEO, GEBIT Solutions GmbH, Germany
Victoria Girdziunas, President, Advantura Technology Group, Inc. Aug. 2011

“Since this was our first foray into iPhone app space, we relied heavily on Agmis throughout the full development life cycle. We could not have done this without Agmis’s professional, technically sharp staff, who were always willing to go the extra step to propose innovative solutions, help us through stumbling blocks – technical and marketing oriented.”

Victoria Girdziunas, President, Advantura Technology Group, Inc. Aug. 2011
a customer from Sweden

„I have a background as a software developer myself and I appreciate nice clean and maintainable code. I am very happy with the way Valdas [agmis developer] structured the code. From business point of view the application and the strategy behind is a great success. The application has been heavily used for many years. This project has added to this success and will ensure that it will be easy to implement new concepts.“,

a customer from Sweden
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