“agmis” – rapidly growing company, flexibly working with customers and making sure that every customer is satisfied. our customers’ trust is our biggest asset in the marketplace. it is very important for us that our employees share these values as well.

we are in the business of professional services, every project we do is custom, so each time we face different needs of the customer and unique set of different competences is required. our customers have high requirements for us so do we for our employees. we are not afraid of challenges as this makes gives us an opportunity to improve.

we value the expertise and constant skill building above all. more than 90% of our employees have higher education, more than half of them have 10 years or more of professional experience, more than 75% of our employees have professional experience working on projects abroad (USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Guadeloupe and Thailand). we invest heavily into the training of our staff and are participating in 3 year long the EU co-funded skills building program with the budget of 90,000 euros.

some pictures from our team building sessions..


more pictures are available here

How do we work?

seriously. we focus on innovations, so most of our projects are unique and pioneering, so most technical decisions are made by the team of professionals.
orderly. we run our projects using Agile KanBan methodology, automated tests, “continuous integration” builds, UI prototyping.
and.. with less stress. spacious and lucid office with lots of green views and lots of parking space in the lot;

informally. as over half of our team are Y generation 🙂


Profiles of the founders of the company

Saulius Kaukenas

CEO, Co-founder, Member of the Board


Mr. Kaukenas has 15 years of experience in software business and has hands-on experience in virtually every activity of software development company: requirements capture, software development, customer support, training, project management, product marketing, new product development, product management, sales and sales management. Mr. Kaukenas is invited lecturer on different software subjects at Kaunas University of Technology, he has published multiple papers on modeling and requirements management subjects and taught software modeling at various organizations in Europe and Asia. Mr. Kaukenas holds double master’s degree: M.Sc. in Computer Science from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania (2001) and MM from International School of Management (ISM, an affiliate of Norwegian BI, Oslo, 2005).

Saulius Kaukenas has taken CEO position in 2010. Prior joining Agmis, Mr. Kaukenas has been working for 11 years for No Magic Europe, Inc. in various management positions: European Sales Director, Director of Products and New Product Development and Product Manager of UML modeling tool MagicDraw UML.

Inga Globiene

Co-founder, Head of Business Development, Chairman of the Board


Inga Globiene has 15 years experience IT business and specializes in establishment of infrastructure, assuring business processes and fiscal stability of the company. Inga Globiene is interested in cultural aspects of business in different countries as well as personnel motivation. She was invited speaker on cross-cultural questions at Denver University in the US. Inga Globiene has MBA in business administration from Kaunas University of Technology (1999). Prior joining Agmis Ms. Globiene has been working for 11 years for No Magic Europe (“Baltijos programine iranga”) in position of Managing Director.