Welcome to the website of agmis – company of innovative solutions. we build custom software solutions for our customers worldwide.


we are members of the “technopolis” science and technology park in Kaunas, the hometown of the largest technological university of the Baltics – KTU.

“agmis” was founded in 2007 by the executive team of one of the Baltics largest IT companies. our vision is to become a leading software provider through creating the most innovative and professional IT solutions. agmis is the company where both the customer and the employee makes a difference.

how can we help YOU?

if you are looking for excellence and reliability, agmis is your answer. we will help you help your customers so they can:

  • attract new business,
  • increase revenue by offering new services,
  • increase revenue by assuring that all services that were provided are billed,
  • reduce the costs of customer service,
  • save the time of their customers by giving easier access to information,
  • provide services that are not available from competitors,
  • create communities of their customers,
  • build better online image.

…and competitors?

we believe that in our business head to head competition is not that relevant. everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so partnership is always better. currently we are working with more than 40 different IT companies:

  • providing specific technological skills for their projects,
  • providing temporary manpower: sometimes it’s about unique skills, sometimes it’s just the manpower that is missing right here right now,
  • providing unique expertise in such areas as product development skills or in interfacing with the Western market.

we are here to help YOU!

Just call us today at +370 37-211351