Doing business should be

easy and exciting

Our task is to create the positive environment for business growth, with best conditions for implementing all the challenging solutions our clients require.

Jurgis Bakanas, Business Development Manager

The business success is inseparable from the

inspired professionals

and encouraging working environment. Working with innovative ideas constantly keeps us on our toes, as we offer relevant solutions, growing personally and professionally.

Vaida Dovidauskienė, Human Resource Manager

It’s been

10 years,

and we are celebrating, with sincere gratitude to our clients and employees for the invaluable contribution to our growth, mutual challenges, success, and achievements. And we are just getting started. Looking forward to next ten years!


Supercharge your business with


Agmis is the only certified Salesforce partner in the Baltic states. Learn about our solutions for superb client service and non-profit organizations.




Backend: JAVA, PHP, Node.JS
Mobile: iOS / Android
Frontend: JavaScript, Angular, React
Salesforce: Apex, Lightning


Mobile applications for work process optimization
GIS solutions
Business process automation
E-learning solutions

Our Works

Over the years we’ve taken hundreds of projects, succeeding in every single one of those!

  • All
  • Backend
  • Computer Vision
  • Frontend
  • Mobile
  • Salesforce

We are a part of

We are proud of being a part of ELIT Cluster, which teams up more than 200 IT specialists to share knowledge, resources, and best practices in our daily job. This partnership proves us being open-minded, approachable, competent experts whose goal is project’s success and satisfied clients.



What our customers say about us

“What we like about you Agmis is that you have brains, not only execution!” 

a customer from Germany

“I have a background as a software developer myself and I appreciate nice clean and maintainable code. I am very happy with the way Valdas [agmis developer] structured the code. From a business point of view, the application and the strategy behind is a great success. The application has been heavily used for many years.…

a customer from Sweden

“Since this was our first foray into iPhone app space, we relied heavily on Agmis throughout the full development lifecycle. We could not have done this without Agmis’s professional, technically sharp staff, who were always willing to go the extra step to propose innovative solutions, help us through stumbling blocks – technical and marketing oriented”.

Victoria Girdziunas President Advantura Technology Group, Inc. Aug. 2011

Meet the Team

Inga Globė
Inga Globė
Co-founder, Head of Business Development, Chairman of the Board
With Inga's strong background in business administration, she's a real shark when it comes to business development. Acts locally, but thinks globally.
Saulius Kaukėnas
Saulius Kaukėnas
CEO, Co-founder, Member of the Board
One of the God Fathers of mobile solutions development in the Baltic States featuring best qualities of effective business leadership.
Jurgis Bakanas
Jurgis Bakanas
Business development manager
Our secret strategic weapon and own grown talent, who puts Force into Salesforce. Jurgis knows IT  from creation and evaluation to support, development and management.
Vaida Dovidauskienė
Vaida Dovidauskienė
Human Resource Manager
Cool companies should only have the best moms. She juggles fires every single day, shares empathy and perfect smile with everyone. And if you are lost, Vaida offers many exits. Without her, Agmis won’t be a great place to work.
Simas Jokubauskas
Simas Jokubauskas
Head of Products
Fluent in tech as well as business development, Simas leads our product development team and translates high concepts into marketable technology products.
Darius Gražulis
Darius Gražulis
Process Manager
Our personal rocket scientist with ultra-strong analytical skills knows every letter of IT ABC and believes that the IT devil is in the details. On a daily basis, Darius happily plays with infrastructure and answers questions about processes.
Andrius Guzaitis
Andrius Guzaitis
Account Executive
Calls himself a 'Jack-of-almost-all-Trades.' A passionate believer in innovations and opportunities who handles challenges like a real common-sense-account-executive should.
Evelina Iešmantienė
Evelina Iešmantienė
Client Support Manager
Another one of our own grown talents at Agmis. Evelina started from test position but now flies high in support management. A real adventurer in debugging, sincere complains listener and fretless problem solver.
Greta Šeštokė
Greta Šeštokė
Project Manager
When she’s not dying her hair pink, snowboarding or wakeboarding, Greta leads her project team into everyday awesomeness.
Paulius Vaidotas
Paulius Vaidotas
Project Manager
With 15+ years in the tech world, Paulius brings his expertise, passion and continuous self-improvement to his project team and his clients.